🌀 Oleksa Novyk

Create web apps since 2006

My passion is creating software, and web development is a great tool for that.

Have trust in PWA+Wasm and a browser as the universal platform for almost all web/mobile applications.

Also love UX, but graphic design is not one of my strengths.

Main tech stack

  • JavaScript (TypeScript), HTML, CSS as main instruments.
  • Love Angular.
  • Docker, Node, SQL on the other side of API.
  • Actively learn 🦀Rust.
Check out my tech timeline.

Current pet projects

  • ngrefs — Angular references, improves my workflow. Angular with SSR.
  • Let's Play Hub — Gaming videos YouTube aggregator. Fastify and MySQL for API, React+Next.js with SSR on frontend.



Це не робочий зміст, але для мене дуже важливий. Я трохи пишу у персональний twitter @navix, а також періодично проводжу стріми на twitch @oleksa — приєднуйтесь.