• Main PC: Fractal Meshify 2, Ryzen 5600x, 32Gb RAM, 256Gb NVME SSD, Radeon 5500 XT;
  • LG 27" 4K Monitor - 27UK650;
  • ⌨ Ducky One 2 Keyboard, 🖱 Asus Rog Pugio II wireless mouse;


  • OS: Windows 10, Ubuntu on servers;
  • Browser: main - 🦊 Firefox, dev - Chrome and Firefox Dev;
  • IDE: WebStorm, VSCode sometimes;
  • Git clients: Sublime Merge, Tortoise Git, or any terminal for edge cases;
  • Solarized Light color theme everywhere;
  • Now (2021) I am a fan of Incosolata Code font, but this preference I change frequently;
  • Terminal: Hyper;
  • PuTTY and FileZilla to access remote servers;
  • DBeaver for working with databases;
  • Docker to setup dev environment and deploy apps to production;